Today's Workout

Wednesday 1st July
1. Teams of 3:
A. AMRAP 7 of Strict Press:
50 reps at 40/25
50 reps at 50/27.5
AMRAP at 60/40

3 min Rest

B. AMRAP 7 of Front Rack Step Out Lunges:
50 reps at 50/30
50 reps at 60/40
AMRAP at 70/50

3 min Rest

C. AMRAP 7 of Push Press:
50 reps at 60/40
50 reps at 70/45
AMRAP at 80/50

2. Mobility and Skills
In house comp this week.
Whats your weakness?

Crossfit in Eltham

CrossFit Diamond Valley is a strength and conditioning facility located in Eltham (north east of Melbourne) and we offer group coaching or 1 on 1 personal training utilising the methodology of CrossFit.

We lift, we run, we jump, we climb, we push, we pull and we target all aspects of fitness. We aim to increase your strength, endurance, stamina, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.

CrossFit Diamond Valley’s beliefs are that we must not be great at one thing, but be good at everything.

We are far from a regular gym. We are a close community surrounded with likeminded people who are bored of the “globo gyms” and people who actually want to results. There are no machines here at CFDV. You are the machine.

So if you live in any of the surrounding suburbs of Eltham – such as Greensborough, Doncaster, Bundoora, Doreen or any other areas – and you are wanting to become fitter, faster and stronger, then come in and get started. You have nothing to lose, only everything to gain.