Witness the Fitness

CrossFit Diamond Valley isn’t just your ordinary fitness training program; it’s a way of life.

We are located in Eltham, North East of Melbourne CBD, Victoria & we’re a community based fitness program dedicated to the principles of CrossFit.
So if you live in Eltham, Greensborough, Templestowe, Doncaster, Epping, Heidelberg, Doreen or anywhere near the vaccinity come and join us!

We believe that functional training is for everyone, no matter what your current fitness level is or your training background. Our members are as diverse as their goals. We work with children, mothers, executives, endurance competitors, collegiate and professional athletes, and fitness enthusiasts. Our staff offers a broad range of sport and fitness experience. Our members train with us because they are looking for something different, challenging, more effective than their current programs, and the motivation to push them to the next level!

The Wod

Bring with you everything you have.
Every problem, every ache and every pain.
Bring your frustration, your disappointments, and the grudge you still carry.
Bring your attitude… bring your spirit… bring your foul mouth if you must!!

Give it to me… give them all to me.
I will take everything.
Every burden, every ounce of energy, everything you have to give.
Even things you never thought you had in you… I will take it all!!
And when we’re done and you’re left laying on the floor.

Leave with nothing. Nothing but inspiration…
Knowing you gave everything you had, everything in you, and you have nothing left

Tomorrow, you will wake up stronger, and I will ask but one thing of you in return. Get up… and bring it all again.

Welcome to CrossFit Diamond Valley